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Financial Slave Application
This form is for serious money slaves only.  If you are ready to take the leap into financial servitude, then fill it out thoroughly and send a £50 tribute along with your application to any of My available tribute methods.  Find out more about financial servitude by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. 
If you do not send a £50 tribute your application will not be considered.
Choose all the options that apply to you

Good boy! I will get back to you ASAP!

About Financial Servitude.

There are varying degrees of financial servitude, and as My form would suggest, I welcome different types of slaves to apply.  I understand that different people are under different circumstances and can therefore offer different things. 

As I see it, there are three main types of financial slaves, The Gift Pig, The Drainer, and The Employee. I am going to elaborate more on each of these types below. 

The Gift Pig

The Gift Pig is the most common type of financial slave. They enjoy buying gifts, reimbursing receipts, and seeing exactly how the money they have sent has been used. This could range from a £5 coffee, to a £50 manicure, to £500 flight tickets, to a £20,000 car. Either way, they get their kick from gifting. This type of slave is unlikely to ever regret sending and tends to be low maintenance. 

The Drainer

The Drainer is less into "Servitude" and more into being manipulated and dominated into sending, and they get their thrill from that. They aren't as bothered what it is their Domme is going to spend the money they drain from them on, and they're mostly turned on by and motivated by their Dommes ruthlessness and greed. The Drainer is the sub most likely to regret sending, ghost, go MIA and try to "quit" findom. 

The Employee

The Employee is the most serious of the financial slaves. Many dream of being one, but few have the financial nor lifestyle means of becoming one. The Employee wants their entire life and finances to be controlled by their Domme. Every single penny they earn belongs to Her, and it's up to Her how much he will be allowed to keep to cover his basic living expenses. The Employee literally works for his Domme. She has access to his accounts, She has his credit card on Her Apple Pay, She controls literally everything when it comes to his finances. Whatever is his, is Hers. This type of financial slavery is very high maintenance and really requires the slave to be 1. single, 2. high earning and 3. a lifestyle slave. 

I accept all these types of slaves, and naturally the more you can offer Me the more I will invest My time into you. Any type of D/s relationship takes time to build and I am not going to "own" or "collar" you simply because you send an application and a £50 tribute. That is just the beginning, and you must be prepared to put in the work and prove yourself to Me for an ongoing period of time. 

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